Thursday, June 3, 2010

Transfer Information!!! (Wed., May 26)

Dear Family and Friends,

Well it's official. I am leaving the boundaries of the Greater Stockholm Area!!! We received our transfer phone call yesterday right before personal study in which conversation President Anderson let us know that I will be moving to Uppsala and serving with Sister Virkamäki and that Sister Maxwell with be staying here and Sister Swenson will be coming to Jakobsberg to serve with her. :) It's very exciting! I am moving out of Stockholm but I will still be in the Stockholm District and come to Stockholm once a week for District Meetings. I am still a "Stockholm" girl. I am excited about the changes for next transfer. We actually had District Meeting in Uppsala about a week ago, so I was able to go up there and check out the city a little, while we did some contacting there. It's a beautiful place. It's a college town, and they are trying to get a Young Single Adult Center started in Uppsala, so I am very excited about that.

I will miss Jakobsberg! This place has become very dear to me. I'll miss the ward members, our investigators and of course Sister Maxwell. We have had a great transfer together. She is a great missionary and we have had a lot of fun doing the work together. The Music Concerts we have had have been really fun for me, and we had another great showing on last Sunday evening at the concert. We had all of our Swedish Class students come, and a couple of other non-members, and the music was wonderful. It's been really great to be able to sing a little bit. I sang a song from a musical in Swedish called, "Du måste finnas" which means you must exist. It's all about the fact that God needs to exist, or nothing matters, and everything is a big mess...that's of course my very rough translation. It's a beautiful song and I will definitely need to sing it for all of you when I get back. Sandra Miranda and I sang "When you Believe" again...which was awesome and Elder White who plays the guitar, arranged "Homeward Bound" for me to sing with. It's the song the Tabernacle Choir was also wonderful. Sister Maxwell played the flute, we sang a short, it was just a wonderful program. I'll miss music night!

The work continues to go well here. We have had a great week. We are going to go to one more activity with the youth tonight, and then head home and I need to get the rest of my stuff packed up...we'll see if it all fits. ;) I love the work here in Sweden. We have as a mission been trying to accomplish a "May Miracle" which is to have our baptismal dates actually get baptized. We have been working really hard to know what we can do to help those who are planning to be baptized make it. I know that I have seen so many little miracles as we have been trying to see the success happen here. The Lord is with us. We are doing His work. I'm so grateful for the blessing it is to serve everyday. I love the gospel. I gain new insights all the time. I know that the Plan of Salvation is real. Every time we teach the plan to people, I have a greater appreciation, and a very real confirmation that it is true. I have been really sensitive the last couple of days when I have born my testimony during teaches. It becomes more important to me all the time that those I teach understand the importance...the eternal significance of what we are teaching. What an honor it is to be a witness of the Savior in this wonderful land.

I am doing well. I had a cold most of the week, but was blessed to be able to sing Sunday night through the power of a Priesthood blessing. I am feeling much better today, and know that the Lord is blessing me to continue in the work. My back is just fine. I love what I am doing everyday, and am excited to experience a new city, and help many more people come to the gospel. I hope all of you have a great week!

Sister Suzanne Wood