Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disneyland on a whim...what could be better??

Tristan called me Tuesday and asked if I wanted to go to Disneyland on Thursday for the weekend. I of course said, "YES!" We had a great time. I went with Tristan, Jens, and Erika. Then we met up with Sara in California and it was a great time.

Jens, Sara, Tristan, Erika and Me taking a break.

At Rainforest Cafe. So fun!

At the new Toy Story Mania ride. It's SO awesome!!!

I think the funniest thing that happened while I was on the trip is that I was waiting in line for a Pineapple Dole of the best things EVER! (I ate it for you Steph.) This random guy came behind me in line telling his family how delicious this treat is. I agreed with him and we started to chat....with Dole Whip and the big dill pickles you can get in Disneyland in common, he asked me to be his Valentine. It was hilarious!! Even more fun was his sister's comment, "Well you have never had a hard time getting a valentine, we just wonder when you will be able to keep one for more than 48 hours!" Hahaha....after a minute we hugged, said goodbye, and it made my very single Valentines Day way better!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilting Fun!

So, some of you may be wondering what I have been doing with my time until I leave on my mission. Well, let's see...I substitute teach sometimes, I work out everyday, and the best thing of all is that I quilt. A LOT. I quilt all the time. Here's the one I finished in memory of Steve Hodson. I'll post some more of my projects in a few days.