Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Living Traditions Festival

Jordan and I went with her family to the Living Traditions Festival in Salt Lake yesterday. It was awesome. First off, we rode Trax from Sandy into downtown SLC. It was a fun, interesting experience. I had never used Trax for such a long ride. We had a great time. When we got to the festival, Jor and I shared all sorts of different kinds of foods for dinner. Basque Chorizo sausage, Basque Churro, El Salvadorian Pupusas, and Thai Curry and Pad Thai. Then to finish things off, we shared a piece of Hazelnut cake from the Swiss stand. There was so much good stuff to try, and so many cool people there.

After we ate, we sat at one of the theaters there at Liberty Park, and there was an awesome Irish group called Buille. Here's a couple of videos of them. They were awesome, and the entire evening was so fantastic!!

Game Four of the Jazz vs. Lakers Series

So on Mother's Day, we went to series basketball game in Salt Lake. It was awesome! Mom had come up north for a baseball game, so I went up to Tremonton with her, and we watched the games, ate at Cracker Barrel, and she had a sleep over at my apartment. Just have to say how much I love my mom. She is by far the best friend I could have asked for. She gives me all the advice she can, and wants to help, even when she can't. I was so glad to get to spend some time with her.

On Sunday, dad came up from Cedar, and dad, mom, Tay, Jess, and and I went to Olive Garden, and to the game. It was such a good time. The game was incredibly intense with and overtime period, people getting hurt, it was so much fun. Here's a couple of pictures.

Taylor and Jess, aren't they cute?

Final score of the game....123-115. The Jazz won!! It had to be because of the awesome crowd!

Here's just a shot of the court. We weren't very close to the floor, but the energy was so high, it didn't matter where we were.

56th Ward Iron Chef Competition

A couple of weeks ago...I know, I'm slow with the posts, my ward had an FHE Iron Chef Competition. It was so much fun. We split into groups and each had to make a dish to present to the judges at the end of 45 minutes. The secret ingredient every group had to use was......pineapple. Here are some different concoctions made by the different groups.

Here's a side view of our fabulous pineapple fruit soup. It was delicious!

The view from the top.Jor's groups curry with pineapple.Tori's crepes. They looked awesome...on my plates. :-)
Here's Jor, Tor and Suz....just being crazy.
And my RS pres. Jessica Leatham...crazy thing is that I knew her in Tahoe. She's from Carson City, and we went to Girls Camp together. She is awesome!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jordan's Orchestra Concert

So my roomie, and best bud Jor is the orchestra teacher at my Elem. school. She had a concert with all of the sixth graders the other night, and they sounded great after her working with them for only a year. She has done a fantastic job teaching them, and our chocolate fountain was AWESOME. We've never seen that much chocolate go that fast. Here's some pics. of the event.

Here's all of us after the concert.
Dylan....and all the other's diving into the chocolate fountain.

And there were pictures at church...

Before church today, we wanted to take pictures of all of us in Alta #211. Of course it didn't happen before church, so before we left we were able to take a few shots. My roomies are Jordan, Tori, Kirsti, and Brandi. They are all fantastic girls, and I am excited to know them better and have a great Summer with them. Here's a few of the shots Joe....our honorary roommate took of us.