Sunday, June 22, 2008

Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious....who knows how to really spell that word!

A few weeks ago we went as a family to Disneyland for a couple of days. It was a great time with the family. Here are a few pics. from our trip. I just have to say that I love Disneyland. There's so much fun to be had...

My awesome dad, and sister Steph and I...waiting for the new Nemo ride at D'land.
Addy and Dawson...such cuties!
Melissa and Addy...I love these two girls!
Me and my bros. What a couple of goof balls!
I'm just chillin' with my cool mouseketaviator get up on.
I love that Steph and I were all about taking a picture with Buzz....rock on!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Aunt Suzanny Bananny

So I just have to post that I love being an aunt! I love all of my nieces and nephews. Addy Rae is 6, Dawson is 3, Eliza is almost 5 months, and Kyler is 1 month old. These kids bring so much joy to my life. I always feel so excited to see them, and to learn from them. What a blessing these children are in my life. Here's a couple of pics. of them, as well as a great video!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


My roommates threw me a surprise going away/birthday party about a week ago. My roommates had been telling me for days that we were just going to dinner before I left as roommates. The couple of days before I left, I was worn out from school, and packing, and everything else going on, and hadn't gotten ready for the day. So as it got closer to dinner time, I wondered why my roomies kept pushing me to get ready for the night. Well, I luckily decided to get ready, because as we left for dinner, Jor wanted to see what was going on in the lounge in my apt. complex. She opened the door, told me to come (because she all of a sudden had a complex about going somewhere by herself...which is NOT Jor) and there were all my friends from my ward yelling surprise at me. I had NO idea that they were throwing me a party. Here are some pics. of the night. They had snuck out my Wii from the apartment, and we did Dance Dance Revolution, and American Idol Karaoke. It was awesome! The other big surprise was that a guy named Kevin in my ward gave me a brand new set of Scriptures that everybody at the party signed. It was the best gift!!

Kevin and I with my new scriptures!
Giving Kevin a hug!

Me singing my heart out.

Kendall and I.

Trevor and I...what a flirt!

Tony is the awesome!

Jacob and I.

These two are so awesome!!

Jor, Nat and Me.
Tori, Natalia, and me.

Tony and I waiting for DDR.
Steven, Kasey, and me...what awesome friends I have!

Here's just a glimpse into the Karaoke from the evening..oh what fun!

End of School

I finished my school year on May the 29th. The day before I got out of school the kids had a field day and I had the enjoyable...and wet chance to be in the dunk tank. My 6th grade math students had a great time aiming for me to get dunked. I won't post pictures...for my own sake. ;) Here are some pictures of the 6th grade graduation we had on the last day of school.

A bunch of my crazy kids...just waiting for things to get started.My student Jacque Kass...great girl, great student!This is Nick...this is my tough kid who was hard for me all year in class, then at the end, he came to me the last day of school, and hugged me over and over...telling me how much he would miss me, and he spent the whole day in my room. It made all the hard days worth it...when he expressed how much he really appreciated me as a teacher.
Oh boy, these are all my crazy boys. Nate S., Issak, Austin, Nate C., just to name a few of the crazies I taught. :) These are the boys who charged me to turn on and off the lights during the school year, and always kept my class VERY entertaining.

Also in the pic., my good friend and colleague Susie. I couldn't have made it through this year without her. She was always willing to listen to me, and she gave me great ideas throughout the year, to help me from going completely crazy. She is so awesome! I am going to miss her a ton!
Taylor and I....and Austin J. What a bunch of goofs are we. Who's idea do you think this picture was?
All my wonderful girls I taught. Haleigh, Ashtyn, Darby, and Karla. They were always helpful, and wonderful in my class. I will truly miss the blessings I received from teaching these awesome kids!
Nathan L., Geovanny D. (Geo), and Alex M. What funny guys! Geo never once payed attention in my class...except for the time I made him stand up in front of everybody and try to teach. He at least behaved a little better after that. :)