Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!! (Monday, June 14)

Dearest Family and Friends,

Yes...I know...I'm so very selfish to wish myself a happy birthday...but I turned 25 today. I had better live it up. I'm a quarter of a century old. All the Elders coming into the mission were born in the 90's...and let's be honest...I'm getting old!!!! (Don't worry dad...I know you still got me by a long shot...in years...and in wisdom!!!)

This week in the work, we've seen the small successes the Lord gives to His servants. Here in Uppsala, we continue to face what I have now coined, "The Swedish Summer Phenomenon". It's the idea that every summer in the beautiful, green, warm land of Sweden, that NOBODY stays in their place of "rest of the year" residence. All the students go home for the summer, and all the other citizens go to their summer cottages, or travel to exotic places all over the world. This phenomenon continues to be present, but does not stop the work going forward.

Even though it has been hard to meet with our investigators, we have continued to have success in our area. I am always SO grateful for the Lord's continued awareness of us, and His children everywhere. Here's a couple of the miracles we saw during the week!

First: I'm sure that all the World Cup soccer has been fun for all you boys our there...and for the girls also....but shopping is WAY better! :) Anyway...we actually went tracting on Saturday night..when there was a World Cup game on...and everybody was pretty edgy with us...we had no idea there would be a game on...until one lady said to us..."It's not so wise for you to be out talking about the meaning of life when there's a World Cup game on!!!" We laughed, figured out that must be why everybody was SO frustrated in their "Not interested" responses...and despite all the negative responses...we ended up finding someone to teach on the last door we knocked on who wanted a Book of Mormon and was interested in knowing more about the gospel. The Lord's work keeps going...even when the World Cup is on!! :)

Second: We have been working with a less active family...the Bywanders. Actually...just the dad is a member of the church. He has a sambo (live in wife figure...even though they are not married) and 3 boys. we went to visit them last week, and found out that Annette...the woman who has been atheist...has actually been praying!!! Woohoo!!! And then, Hans...the dad...promised us he would come to church...and he came. We did our part with fasting and prayer, but we saw the hand of the Lord in that family more than once this last week.

Third: An investigator named Christer...who we don't really teach right now because he has not been progressing...actually called us yesterday to tell us that he read in the Book of Mormon! He called us just to tell us that....we had a few minutes, stopped by and invited him to continue reading in the B of M...and to come to church next week. I have been so grateful during the whole week to see these little miracles...

It makes the difference in the work for me to know that as long as I continue to be diligent in the work, and show my faith by my obedience, that I will continue to see successes in the mission...no matter how small they may be. We are continuing to look for the prepared who are ready for baptism...and I know that we will find those who are prepared...even during the summer. ;) I love this work! I'm grateful to be a servant of the Lord, and I'm looking forward to this week. It's going to be a good one! Hope all is well with all of you! You all remain in my prayers! Take care, and have a great week!

Sister Suzanne Wood