Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love Jakobsberg (Mon., January 25)

Kära Familj och Vänner,

The rest of last week went really well. I am getting adjusted to my new area...and figuring out what needs to be done here to help as many as possible come to Christ. I really like my new companion Sister Smith. I might have said already...but she is from Salt Lake, has also graduated from college...she went to the U and got a degree in Family and Consumer Science, and is a really dedicated missionary and wants to do the very best she can on the mission. I'm excited to continue to get to know her better and I know that we will accomplish a lot of gooe here in our area over the next several weeks.

As far as the area is concerned...our area is called Jakobsberg, but it covers several different areas of north western Stockholm. We take the pendeltåg....commuter trains...and tunnelbana....the metro often. There are also busses and a lot a walking we do. I feel like I have completely changed areas because of the different nature of Jakobsberg. There are lots of's more like the countryside. There are homes all over the place and it takes quite a while to get anywhere. We will need to figure out how to be most effective....being as there is so much travel time.

The work that has been done here over the last several months has been mostly with less-active members. There was a baptism last transfer...and we have 2 baptismal dates for this transfer!!! One of them is a man named Peter...whom I haven't met yet...and the other is Spencer who is a little boy who's parents have been in-active for quite some time and his dad passed away recently. We will be teaching him the lessons and getting him ready for baptism. We have some really good ideas for the transfer. One thing the ward has done before is a music evening...there was a Sister who came a few years ago who was really musical and she helped to put together a music night at the chapel. Apparently they had 100 people come...and it was a real success. As soon as I mentioned that I like to sing...the Bishop pulled us aside and asked if that would be something we would like to put together again. I of course said yes! We will also be doing some finding work of course. They have had a lot of success with finding investigators through less-active that is something we will continue to do. I actually have a list with me today...of 35 members who are on our ward list that we need to "find". There is much to be done here....not to mention that we will continue to go into Stockholm every few days and continue to teach Swedish Class....and help with the English Discussion Groups that have been started. There is a lot for the Elders to do there right now and President doesn't want anything to fall. We will be on double duty for a while and see how that goes.

I honestly have very mixed feelings about being so close to Stockholm and still working in that area. I feel rather torn between what I want to do...what needs to be done...and what the Lord needs us to do. I know that as we are prayerful...that we will be able to prioritize and take care of those things the Lord has intrusted us with. I am excited about the new area I'm in. The ward here has about 30 active it's quite a bit smaller...but they are wonderful.

We spent quite a bit of our time the last few days planning for the transfer and getting ourselves organized with all that we will be doing. I am getting better with names of members, investigators...and getting from one place to another all the time. I really do like the change of scenery, and it will be really good for me to be with a different companion. New things to learn and a whole new 9 weeks of fun.

I hope you have all had a nice week. I hope the winter has not been too harsh for any of you. :) We haven't really gotten any more snow here. It's just continue to be freezing temperatures...however....the sun is out more and more all the time which has been really nice. I've started to get a little cold...but hoping it will go away quickly. Othere than that I'm happy. I am so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity I have to be here serving the Lord and the people of Sweden. I see over and over again that we are needed here. The efforts we put forth are so little in the grand scheme of God's plan...but every thing I do to help someone is helping the work go forward. I love you all and hope you know I miss you and pray for you often!

Much love,
Sister Suzanne Wood

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time for Change (Wed., January 20)

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been completely crazy and busy. We have our P-Day today...which is why I didn't write on Monday. Thanks for all the emails you sent to me. I always appreciate hearing about what's going on at home. I'm just going to do a simple email this week, to update all of you on what's going on...and then I will send a longer...better email next week from my new area. :)

Just a little bit of background on transfers this week...we have many missionaries who are going home tomorrow and only 3 missionaries coming to Sweden. That has caused a need to shut down areas. With that knowledge...we have all been very interested to know what is going to happen with all of us. We heard through the grapevine that the Stockholm Elders apt. was going to shut we have assumed that Sisters would be staying in Stockholm.

Well, when we found out about transfers we were shocked....because. The Elders will be the missionaries staying in Stockholm. Both Sis. Swenson and I have been transferred to different areas. Sister Swenson will be moving to Uppsala...about 1 1/2 hours north and I will be moving to Jakobsberg...which is about 10 miles down the road. I will continue to take care of some of the things in Stockholm and be moving areas to one of the outlying Stockholm areas this transfer. I will be companions with Sis. Smith, who has been on her mission for 4 months. She is from Salt Lake, and I think we will work well together. I still need to find out from Pres. Anderson what he wants us to continue in Stockholm and what he wants us to turn over to the Elders here. The other shock is that neither one of the Elders we have been working with here in Stockholm will be staying here. Elder Drake is going Zone Leader in Göteborg, and Elder Hanes will be going to Västerås and going Senior Companion. So...the last couple of days have been very stressful and very busy.

I'll just write a couple of highlights...

We have been teaching Swedish Classes for a while. Well, last night, we had 23 people come to Swedish Class. It was awesome! We are seeing some major things happeneing with our Language Classes here in Stockholm.

We have also started going into high schools here during the day and doing a presentation on America...the differences in culture, and all sorts of things. We then have invited them to an English Discussion Class that we will be having every Thursday...from there we hope to be able to influence some of these teenagers for good. It has been really successful and really all know how I like to be in front of a group teaching! :)

We have been able to see many of our investigators and members these last few days which has been really fun. We are very glad we have been able to run around and see those we have worked with since we are leaving the area...well sort of...

Other than that, I am happy, healthy and have very mixed feelings about leaving/staying in Stockholm. There will definitely be new challenges with a new companion...and then finding a balance with what we will continue to do in Stockholm and helping the Jakobsberg area to continue to be strengthened. I will miss the Stockholm Ward...they are all like family...but I'm excited to get to know the members in my new area.

I know that President Anderson is inspired in the decisions he makes with transfers. I'm so grateful for revelation and that we can know what we need to do to continue in the path that Heavenly Father knows will lead us back to him. I am excited for the new adventure I'm going to have.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Time is flying by. I'm trying to take advantage of every minute I have. I love this work and am so blessed to get to be a part of it.

I love you all!

Sister Suzanne Wood

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Here are some new pictures that Suz sent yesterday.

The view from our apartment

Sarah, a less active we've been working with! This was on Christmas Eve at the bishop's party.

Christmas tree!

Our district! Syster Wood, Syster Swenson, Syster Wright, Äldste Wright, Äldste Hanes, Äldste Drake

Sister Swenson and Me

The gingerbread house the elders made for us for Christmas. It's of our apartment. We have totally awesome elders to work with!

The Armor of God Gingerbread man that we made with a part-member family.

All the candy we got for Christmas....

Sister Swenson and me in our new matching pajamas that we got for Christmas

Sister Swenson and me

I love missionary work! (Monday, Jan. 11)

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a great week here in Stockholm. We decided before last week that we would have a Dedication Week for ourselves to get remotivated to work hard in 2010. It turned out to be awesome. As I think I have mentioned, our progressing investigators have all kind of gone we did a lot of finding work last week. We spent many hours out contacting people on the streets, on the metro, knocking on doors, and any other way you can think of. As we went through the week, we tried to take every opportunity to invite people to learn about the gospel. Our goal was to find 3 new investigators last week. Well, despite all of our efforts we didn't have one new investigator when we went to church yesterday. We had also continued to pray to the Lord and direct our efforts.

Miracle #1
Well, when we got to church, Baasa, one of the new members of the church came and brought her non-member boyfriend. We have met him before but he was not so interested in the church. To our the end of Sacrament meeting he said that he would like to stay for sunday school. We then invited him to meet with us during the week to learn more about the church, and he accepted.

Miracle #2
This miracle starts about 2 weeks ago. We got a referral from the office for a married couple who were contacted by a missionary in Spain a couple of weeks ago. We got the referral and tried calling last week to set up an appointment with Carlos and Clara. Well, middle of this week we set up an appt. to visit them last night. When we went there, they began to express their desire to come closer to God to help their marriage and relationship. They both want to be better people...when Clara asked if we wanted some tea, we told her we only drink herbal tea....she reponded with, "That's all we drink in our house." As the evening progressed, we found out that they are really seeking a relationship with God. We invited them to read the Book of Mormon, and we set up a return appointment with them. It was amazing!

My point with these examples is that Sis. Swenson and I contacted many people during the week who we tried to meet with and continued to work hard to find those 3 investigators. It is an incredible testimony builder that on Sunday...the last day of the week, that we would find our 3 investigators in situations where we did nothing to deserve them. I have no doubt that the Lord runs this work. He is aware of us, where we are, what we are doing, and then after he sees that we are willing to do whatever it takes to help in the work, he blesses us with miracles.

We had an awesome dedication week....and today is the beginning of Dedication Week returns. We only have a week and a half left in the transfer and we are going to work as hard as we can this last several days to find and teach as many as possible. I don't know what transfers brings, but we have a lot going on here. We started Swedish and English classes this last week, and we will start going to several high schools here in Stockholm to teach English classes there. We have new investigators and will continue to support and help our other investigators to progress.

I know this is the Lord's church on the earth. I was able to speak in church yesterday about the Holy Ghost, and I know that He does witness to us of the truth in our lives. We have the authority of the Savior Jesus Christ on the earth, and we are blessed for our faithfulness. I hope you have all had a good week. I hope this next week continues to be wonderful. I am happy and healthy and excited for what the future brings. We will also get to visit the temple this week...which I'm very excited about. :)

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Suzanne Wood

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Välkommen 2010!! (Monday, Jan. 4)

Min underbar familj och vänenr,

This last week has been one of new beginnings, fun, challenges, and of course work. We had a wonderful New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. We were again with the Bishop Karlsson and his family on New Year's Eve. We ate a wonderful meal and played a game for a while with their kids. They set off a few little fireworks for us to see and then drove us home. We were in bed by 10:30pm. far as excitement on New was pretty calm for me this year. I did wake up at midnight because of all the noise the fireworks were making. They were VERY close to our apartment. I peeked out the window for a minute and could see a little bit of what was going on. Then, on the 1st, we were not able to do our normal missionary work with it being New Year's Day. We got planned for this week, got together with some other missionaries for a little while and got ourselves rested up for new year of hard work.

Right now one of our challenges is that all of our investigators are either sick, or depressed. It's been hard for us to teach all of them. I know that there is a very real "Seasonal Depression" that happens here because of the combination of cold and dark during these winter months. We are praying that the sun will be out a little more and that we won't have a long winter here in take away the sad feelings. Luckily, we have so much to do and stay so busy that the weather and darkness don't really affect us. We are happy to be here and glad we also have the gospel in our lives to continue giving us direction.

The highlight of this week would have to be on Saturday. There is a woman named Jasna who has been living with a member of our ward for quite some time. There was a challenge with getting her divorce final from a previous marriage and so they have been coming to church every week, and active...without her being a member because they have been living together. Well....on Saturday, we were able to attend their wedding...and this Saturday Jasna will be baptized!!! It is so wonderful to see how everything has worked out to their good and benefit. It is apparent to all of us that our Heavenly Father has heard her prayers, heard our prayers and has made it possible for them to be married...and one day sealed in the temple. I sang at the wedding and it was a really nice little service.

I have thought much this last couple weeks of what I would have as my New Year's Resolutions. As I pondered, I realized that there was a very LARGE list of things that I want to improve and make better during 2010. I have many mission goals I want to reach, and many personal goals as well. A couple days before the New Year...I had a feeling that I needed to choose just a couple of things to really focus on so that I did not overwhelm myself in the first week of my "new life" and quit everything because it was too much. So, I came up with a few select things I will be working on...and once I make those habits...and see improvement in those areas, then I can add more to it during the year. I feel very determined to be successful with my resolutions this year. I think it is in large part because I have learned how to set goals and make plans to reach my goals on my mission. I think it is all to easy to have a goal....but it is really only a wish when we don't make plans to reach our goals.

I hope you all have something you want to improve during the year. It's like President Eyring explained in his conference talk in October....that we as disciples of Christ need to always be improving. We should never feel like where we are is good enough. I really think that is good to remember.

As for me, I'm doing pretty well. The holidays were wonderful here. We got to be a part of all the Swedish traditions and had a wonderful time. On the other side of things...I feel like I haven't worked as hard as I would have liked to. We are starting a dedication week today to do all that we can to be better missionaries and again know that we are doing all we can to help others come unto Christ. I hope you have all had a wonderful week. I hope the New Year is going to be a good one. I am grateful for all that I have. I have thought a lot about my blessings, and the things I am so blessed with in this life.

I hope to have many successes during this week that I can write about next week. Know that I am well, and that I am so glad I am here doing the work of the Lord. There is nothing like it in all the world.

Sister Suzanne Wood

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (Monday, Dec. 28)

Kära familj och vänner,

It has been a wonderful week here in Stockholm. Christmas was wonderful! I'll give a little bit of explanation about Christmas Eve with the Bishops Family...a real traditional Swedish Christmas, and then what we have been doing over the last couple of days. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. I hope Santa was nice...but more importantly that you all could be with those you love, and celebrate the season together.

Ok, Christmas Eve...or Jul Afton....we went to the Bishops house about 1:00pm and helped get the last minute food prepared and ready to eat. Then, we ate Jul Bord....which is from a smörgåsbord...which we have taken to use in english as a buffet of many different options to choose from. Well, that's exactly what we had. We ate all the traditional Swedish Christmas's just a few of the things: meat balls, salmon, pickled herring, mashed potatoes, cheese, bread, brussel sprouts, red cabbage surprise...I don't really know how it was prepared...., prince korv or fancy hot dogs, and barbecue ribs (I think that's something they just throw in), oh and jul skinka...which is a special Christmas ham with mustard and other stuff on the outside....very tasty.

So as you can see...we had a wonderful meal. After we ate, we played songs on the piano, sang, read the Christmas Story out of Luke, and watched Kalle Anka. Kalle Anka is Donald Duck in America. Here's the tradition...many years ago when there were no cartoons on the tv everyday like we have now, there was a special day....Christmas when they would play some of the old Disney classic cartoons on Christmas Eve for everybody to watch. Well, from then on, even though you could watch Disney here everyday....they still play some of the old Disney Classics as clips at 3:00pm every year on Christmas Eve. We got permission to watch it, and it was fun to see some of the oldies på svenska.

The evening continued with a visit from Jul Tomten....or Santa Clause. We each received a gift from him, and then we played games, ate a little dessert and visited the rest of the evening. It was wonderful. A lot of things were similar to the things we do at home, there were lots of us around the the whole day was really nice.

On Christmas, we had a nice Christmas Breakfast with some of the Sisters who live close to us. I make German Pancakes, and Sis. Swenson made a quiche. They both tasted really yummy. We also went to a dinner at the Glovers on Christmas which was really fun. Oh, and the highlight of the day was getting to talk to all of you!!!!! I'm so glad I got to hear all of you around the phone. It was so good to know...and hear that you are all doing well. I'm so glad I got to talk to you!

Other than that, we spent a lot of time on Saturday planning for this next week, and then yesterday we had church, and a dinner with some YSA' talk to them about missionary work. I really have had a wonderful week! I hope all of you have been able to rest a little bit, and that you have a wonderful week again this week.

Oh, by the advance...Happy New Year....or Gott Nytt År! I'm sure 2010 will be awesome...please take care of yourselves and know that you are in my prayers. I am grateful for all the gifts, cards, thoughts and prayers you have all sent my way. I appreciate all the support you all give to me.

Sister Suzanne Wood

CHRISTMAS....JUL!!!!! (Monday, Dec. 21)

Dear Family and Friends,

We have had a fantastic week! It has been full of many service activities, visits with investigators, visiting less active members, going caroling to 20 families in our ward (and more to come tonight :) ), and anything else you can think of that would be some kind of Christmas activity.

We feel very spoiled with the willingness of so many to have us over and spend some time with them!

I'll start with Zone Conference. We had our Christmas Zone Conference last Tuesday. We had a wonderful time. We had great messages from Pres. Anderson, the Assistants, and there was a nice Christmas Program we all participated in. We also ate a Christmas dinner with ham and potatoes and did a gift exchange. I received a set of Friendship bracelets. One of them says Friends...the other says Forever. I of course gave one of them to Sis. break about an hour later. Oh well, it was fun! And Sis. Swenson says that the bracelet breaking is NOT symbolic of our friendship. HAHA!

We were able to meet with Kristoffer and Marc also this week, which went well. Kristoffer has been really down lately and so it's been hard to meet with him. We had a good visit and I'm glad that we finally got to go see how he is doing. The teach with Marc went awesome! This is crazy though....we have been teaching him for over a month and we thought he was YSA late maybe 35 being the oldest he would be. So, get this...we finally asked him how old he is.....42......stinking unbelievable!!! We were shocked. It of course doesn't matter how old he is, but that we were so off in our guesses is what is so crazy! He is doing well, but we haven't met with any of our investigators very consistently as of their progress in the gospel hasn't been as easily detected. We continue to pray for all those we teach...that they will keep the commitments we give them, and that they will progress to be baptized in God's church.

Other than that, our week has been full of singing and giving service. On Friday, we borrowed a car from the mission office to drive around to members houses and carol, then give them some cookies...and some cookies and a video to give to somebody who they felt like could use some Christmas joy. So, when it came down to it, the Elders couldn't go pick up the WE went to get a car. Let us all remember that I have not driven in almost 10 months, and that I have never driven in Stockholm. So, off we went to get the car. Well, it started out a little scary...I couldn't even get the car to go into reverse....don't worry...the Elders there helped me to figure out that European cars have a different set reverse was found. :) Then...I of course stalled the car once before I drove really had been a while. Hahaha...I think I made the Assistants really nervous as I drove that car away. Luckily, we did have a GPS, so getting into the city wasn't so hard. We made it there safely and all was well. It was a crazy night, and so much fun. We were able to really spread some Christmas Cheer. If any of you can believe this...but NOBODY goes caroling here. It's a very foreign thing we have been doing...which I think has made it all the better.

Now yesterday was some kind of crazy! There was more stress with yesterday than I have had in a long time. We were double booked for the entire evening....not to mention that we were going caroling again yesterday. SO, we recruited the help of the Sisters in Jakobsberg and they came and helped us. Sis. Swenson and Sis. Williams did the YSA dinner we had and they started the caroling with the Elders. Sis. Smith and I went to Tina...our wonderful investigator who made us dinner, and had invited Susanne...her friend that had given us Tina's name to go and visit. We had a wonderful time with them. They chatted and we all talked. When we gave the spiritual thought....Susanne was the one to bear her testimony of the Holy Ghost and how after she was baptized, she felt the influence of the Spirit so strongly in so many different situations. It was awesome. Susanne told Tina that she will go to church with her!!! How great is that???

We then caught up with everybody else and did some caroling. It was much appreciated and we are so glad that we have had the opportunity to visit so many and share our talents with them. Oh, and yesterday....let me not forget to tell you that we missionaries did two musical numbers in church. I accompanied Sis. Swenson and a new member named Thommas as they played O Holy Night, and then we all sang Away in a Manger. After Sacrament meeting we snuck out to go to a baptism of a little girl named Michelle...who we got to teach one time. Then....I lost my wallet. I was a wreck. Luckily....we found it after many prayers and the whole ward looking. Then off to Tina's...then caroling....let me just say yesterday was a very long, tiring, wonderful, fanstastic day.

Our plans for this week our looking good. For Christmas Eve, we will be with the Bishops Family. He has seven kids...and then he invited all 6 of us missionaries to come, and anybody else we know who needs a place to be on Christmas Eve. Then, on Christmas Day, we will be having Jakobsberg sisters over for Christmas Breakfast, and then we will go to the Glovers for Christmas Dinner. They are an American family in our ward who said we could come. Then the 26th, we'll be at the Endlers...etc. Not to mention we have lots of people we can visit around Christmas who could use the company and cheer.

I will be calling home around noon, 1 o' clock in the afternoon your time. We figure we'll be at the Glovers for a while, and then we'll call as soon as we get home. As of now...we will be at home and call from our cell phone. I will buy a calling card today and use that to call you with. It's cheaper for me to call with the card we can get, so that's what we'll do. :) I'm excited to talk to all of you on the phone! That will be fun! It would be good if everybody could think of a question or two...if there's something you REALLY want to know...and write it down, so you don't forget when you're on the phone...I'm going to do that I don't forget. :)

I don't think there's much else to report. I love the work. I love this season. I miss all of you! I love all of you! I truly hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!!! I am sure it will be wonderful. Don't forget the Savior...and always remember how lucky we are to be able to be together as a family on Christmas. I've met many...who don't have family to be with. What a blessing it is in our lives to be close enough to drive or fly and be together. I know I'm not there this year, but I will be next. I pray that all of you will continue to find the things that bring true happiness to our lives, and do them. I know the Savior lives. I feel the Spirit testify to me regularly that He lives, and He loves us. There is nothing we can do that will take away God's love, and the love of His beloved Son.

Much Love,
Sister Suzanne Wood

P.S. Attached here are some fun Christmas Pics. of us missionaries in the Stockholm area. Bro. Koch sent the wrong here's the right one:

P.P.S. If you didn't get it....Jul is the Swedish word for Christmas!! ;)

It's Snowing! (Monday, Dec. 14)

Hej, hellå min underbar familj och vänner!

It has been another wonderful week here in Sweden. I was so excited to walk outside this morning and see snow falling down on the ground! It has been really cold here, but we haven't seen much all. So, I was excited to see t he beautiful white flakes this morning. We have had another wonderful week this last week.

It was harder to meet with all of our investigators because of schedules and everything, but we were able to do much service, and have some wonderful opportunities to teach the gospel to those around us.

The weather has been pretty cold here. It is between -7 and 3 degrees celcius here every day. It gets dark about 3pm in the afternoon and the sun comes up about 9 in the morning. It's kind of crazy that it's so dark all the time, but Stockholm is well lit, and we have lots of things to do, so that helps us not get down about the weather...or darkness. The shortest day of the year is December 21st, and then it will start to be lighter longer....but I hear that January and February are the coldest months...the best is yet to Michael Buble would sing. :) We'll see how it goes when it gets here!

I have been particularly känslig...we would say here....or emotional these last few days. I think it is partly because of the season...which I love so much, and also that I have been missing all of you a little more during this time of year. Don't get me wrong, I love it here...I love the work and I am surrounded by people I care about...but it's not quite like being at home. :)

We have had more opportunities to sing this last week and it's really awesome because Elder Hanes plays the violin, Sister Swenson plays the Viola and we all sing. Last Thursday the Elders invited us to this old lady named Ulla to sing to her for a little while. She is not married, has one son who is grown and away and she I'm sure has been lonely at times. We went to her house and sang and played her favorite Christmas Carols for her. She really enjoyed it, and I know that the Spirit was there, and that she could feel the love of the Savior as we sang. It was another wonderful opportunity for us.

There aren't many new updates with investigators from this last I said...we didn't really get the opportunity to teach many of's how it goes sometimes, but we have many plans set up for this week, and I continually pray that those we teach will continue to have a desire to learn and to feel the Spirit when we are with them and teach them.

The other thing to report from last week is that we went on splits last Tuesday and Wednesday. Sis. Swenson left Stockholm to go to Örebro, and Sis. Lunden came to Stockholm to be with me here. It was really fun to get to do that. We as sisters don't get the chance like elders do to change companions because there aren't so many of us and we are all quite far away from each other. I learned some really good things from Sis. Lunden, but I missed Sis. Swenson. We have been together for 5 months and work really well together. It's always good to change things up as missionaries to learn the ways that others do the work and hopefully get some new ideas.

I really hope all of you are doing well. I hope that you are all having a wonderful season!! The last thing I will say is that yesterday we had the last lesson in the Joseph Smith manual in Relief Society. We talked about the different things that the prophets have said about Joseph Smith and his mission here on the earth and all that he did for us. As we talked, I thought about the vital importance of what he did for us. I know my life would be completely different without the restored gospel on the earth. We were encouraged to think about what the restoration means to us, and to also think about Joseph for a minute, and what he went through for our sake. I completely agree with the statement that Joseph has done more for the children of man save Jesus Christ only. I know that wasn't exactly right, but the point is....that both the Savior Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith gave their lives different ways, but none the less....both were willing to fulfill their missions for us.

How grateful I am for my testimony of our Redeemer Jesus Christ and for my testimony of the Prophet Joseph. I am so humbled to be teaching the doctrine that was first taught by Christ and then was restored to the earth through Joseph. It is an honor to be here in Sweden teaching these wonderful people.

Know that I love you all. Know that I think of you and hope that all is well wherever you are. I hope everything else is going well for all of you!

Sister Suzanne Wood