Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost July! (Monday, June 28)

Kära Familj och Vänner,

Hej på er! Hoppas allt är bra överallt och med allting. Arbetet här i Uppsala går jätte bra! Jag älskar den här staden och har haft en underbar vecka!

We've had a great week here in Uppsala! We have had a busy week with Zone Conference last Tuesday, and Midsommar festivities on Friday. We have been busy, and I'm loving the warm summer weather. We have bikes that work...I am discovering that I LOVE to ride bikes. There are awesome trails and bike lanes everywhere here. It's great!

As for our week in the work...everything is going well. We were able to meet with a couple of our investigators during the week, and we are helping everybody to make and keep commitments. The work has been slower here in Uppsala during the last couple weeks, but we are continuing to find people to teach. The Lord truly blesses us with miracles as we do His work.

One miracle this week, was that on Saturday afternoon we were on our way to eat dinner at Sister Rivera's house. She lives a train ride away, so we left and had about 15 minutes to contact people before we needed to head to the station. We met a girl named Cecilia. We asked her if she had thought about why she was here on the earth...she said she didn't really know. Sis. V asked her then, "Do you believe in anything?" The girl replied that she didn't really believe, but that she wanted to. She said that life is meaningless without something to believe in. We gave her a Book of Mormon and were able to get her phone number to make an appointment to meet sometime this week. There are not many Swedish people I have met who say that they WANT to have something to believe in. It was a miracle! The Lord knows where we are as His servants...and He is also aware of His children who are searching for the truth.

Yesterday, Marcus came to church. Every week he has been there, I've noticed that he is wearing nicer and nicer clothing everytime he comes to church. He has been coming to Sunday School and Sacrament meeting. We want to meet him this week and invite him to be baptized. We hold Sunday School in the classroom that is right next to the baptismal font. Yesterday he asked what it was...I got the opportunity to explain a little about our beliefs of baptism. I'm looking forward to teaching him about the way he can prepare to be baptized and receive all the blessings that come from following the Savior. We also had another investigator come to church yesterday...Christer! It was a great day at church.

Everything else is going well with me. I'm in good health...and continue to be happy to do the work of the Lord. I won't say that the work isn't hard...it has it's challenges, but as I continue to serve with all my heart, the Lord makes up for my shortcomings and helps people to change through their acceptance of the gospel.

I've started reading The Book of Mormon again...this time making a commentary in my own words of what is happening. It has really helped me to see the teachings in a different way. It is so very true that every time we read in the Book of Mormon, there is something new we can learn. I am so grateful for revelation that we can receive through the Spirit. It's what makes the difference when we study the scriptures, when we study for school, when we are looking for answers to our questions...the Holy Ghost can witness of the truth about EVERYTHING. What a great promise. I look forward to my studies everyday!

I hope all of you have a great week. We are headed to Stockholm tonight for a Sisters' Training Conference. It will be great I'm sure. We will be staying in the Mission Home tonight and tomorrow night and have training all day tomorrow and a temple session for all of us Sisters in the evening. I'm looking very much forward to that. We also will meet with Hans and Anette this week. We pray that they have read and prayed. The gospel really blesses everybody! Everybody needs it. It's the key to eternal salvation. I'm so glad I have the opportunity to share it with the people of Sweden. Time is going by all too quickly. I'm trying my best to make it count!

Love you all! Take care!

Sister Suzanne Wood