Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Day! (Monday, May 10)

Dear Family and Friends,

It was so good to get to talk to all...well most of you yesterday. I am sad I didn't to talk to Tay and Derek...I hope you both know I love you! It was good to hear your voices and to know that everything is going well in your lives. I've thought about what to write today...because I reported quite a bit over the phone yesterday...but there were a few things I heard at Stake Conference here in Stockholm yesterday that I think I will pass along.

We were able to hear from Elder Texeira and his wife yesterday at Stake Conference. His wife talked about the Plan of Salvation and families. Her comments were wonderful. She had a great spirit about her and was very sincere in what she said. She talked about the importance of families and how husbands and wives need to cleave to one another and provide the environment for an eternally progressing family. As I listened I thought about the blessing that I feel to have such a wonderful family. I am grateful for all that I have learned and continue to learn from all of you. It has been impressed more on me all the time the eternal nature that our families can have here. What an amazing blessing our Heavenly Father has given to be sealed together for time and all eternity. We can have the reassurance that we will all be together after this life as long as we do our best to follow the Savior here. I just really felt the importance of that as she spoke yesterday and have a strong testimony of the plan of salvation. I know it's for all of us. I know that it's for our happiness.

Elder Texeira talked about "Follow the Prophet" which was the theme for conference yesterday. He said some things that were addressed to the youth in Sweden that I think apply to all of us...and would like to share. As he said he would talk about following the prophet, he asked if anybody in the audience follows the prophet. I was surprised about where he went from there. He told us of the website which is a site where there are periodic updates about where the prophet is, what he is doing, etc. He said it's also easy to follow the prophet from facebook. He then went on to encourage the youth to not be afraid to share the gospel through the social networking sites that so many are a part of. He also encouraged them to have the same standards on the web as they do in real life. I thought about the nature of his comments and how the generation that is growing up now is absolutely a technology generation. There can be so much good influence passed on through the internet. He of course also talked about how important it is to listen to the prophet's voice and heed his counsel. He is the voice of the Lord here on the earth. I'm so grateful for my testimony of the Prophet Thomas S. Monson. I know he is a man who has been called of God. I know that he teaches us the things the Lord wants us to know.

The rest of the week went well. We are working on finding new investigators. We have had some investigators disappear and really want to help some more people to come closer to Christ. We have two weeks left in the transfer. It's gone by so fast. Sis. Maxwell's birthday is on Wednesday, so we'll do a little celebrating somehow...maybe I'll have some random people sing to her with me and then ask them if they are interested to know more about the gospel. :)

I'm looking forward to this week. We have some less-active members who we haven't been able to meet with yet that we are going to meet with this week. We also have a couple of new people to teach. It'll be a great week. Again, it was so good to get to talk to you all! I hope that this week is wonderful. Take care of yourselves! I love you!

Sister Suzanne Wood