Sunday, May 2, 2010

Äntligen Vår! (Wed., April 19)

My dear family and friends,

It's finally springtime around here! There are little green buds everywhere and some flowers are starting to bloom! It will still be a little while until everything starts to grow and Stockholm will become a wonderful green place....but it's beginning...and that's a good place to start. Sis. Maxwell and I have had a great week this last week.

We had Zone Conference last Tuesday which was really uplifting. It's always great to meet with other missionaries in the area and hear their experiences and be reminded of the things that will help us continue to be better missionaries. The Sisters in Örebro called me and asked if I would play the piano for them to sing. They sang, "Abide with Me" and did a nice job. Our message from President was much needed. He talked about how there are fewer missionaries in Sweden right now than there have been and yet how we need to continue to work hard and not have that show in the work here. I'm really grateful for conferences we have and the boost that it gives to the work.

We continue to meet with George, Michael, and Yvonne. They are all three doing well. Michael went with us to the Abril's on Thursday night with Lawal also. It was great! We ate and then talked about the Restoration all together. It's great that all of our members are so willing to help with the work here.

We also started riding bikes here last week. So funny story...last Monday...during our P-Day...we wanted to take out our bikes so that I could get comfortable before we started riding around our entire area. We took the bikes out...which was great until Sis. Maxwell totally biffed it...when we had been out about 10 minutes. She was a little upset about the fall...but no real serious damage was done. I think the Lord really is protecting me from myself on the mission. That totally would have been me if my back was normal...etc. :) I'm really enjoying riding bikes...even though my rear end is sore all the time from the "skinny man" seat that I am riding on. We bought a "cushier woman" today...we'll see if that makes the riding a little more comfortable. :)

Other than that, we are excited for this week. We are having our Music Evening on Sunday...with a Russian Choir singing, Lawal (our new member) playing the African drums...and Sis. Maxwell playing a flute solo or two. I love that she is a musician. It's awesome to be able to involve her in the Music Night. We will have dinner before again that we can invite all of our investigators to. Our ward loves to be involved with it. It's great!

I started studying Preach My Gospel...again...with a proselyting Book of Mormon...I'm taking each chapter and going through, reading, studying, and pondering all of the scriptures it suggests for using when teaching. It's been really awesome! I'm amazed that even though I've read Preach My Gospel at least 3 times on my mission...that I can continue to study from it, and learn more, and gain a deeper understanding of the gospel. I still love my study time and appreciate it.

The work is going well. I'm healthy...happy...det är härligt ute....and we are going into Stockholm today to check out some of the sights. I hope you all have a great week this week. I know this is the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that when we rely on Him, we are happy and can some day return to live with Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for all of you...your examples and the things that you have each taught me. I know God lives, and that He loves us!

Sister Suzanne Wood