Sunday, May 2, 2010

Almost May! (Mon., April 26)

Dear Family and Friends,

I can't explain how quickly time is going by. It truly feels like yesterday that I was the library....writing my email to all of you about the happenings here in Jakobsberg. Everyday goes by more quickly. We stay busy and I'm amazed at how quickly time goes by.

We have had a great week this last week! One of the highlights was Music Night last night. We had many people come and listen to the music, not to mention the program was not too shabby. Sis. Maxwell played the flute...wonderfully I might add, I different combinations and a solo....and we had a visiting Russian Choir come and join our program. The ward really enjoyed the evening and it was enjoyable for us also to put such an evening together. One of the men named Thomas that comes to our Swedish class came last night and brought his wife. It was the first opportunity we had to meet her. They enjoyed the concert...and are actually they really appreciated the choir. Also, one of our members Malin...her parents came...who are not members. It was great to have them there as well.

We also had a really cool experience on Saturday. One of our investigators named George...told us about his friend who he lives with that wanted us to visit him sometime. We went there on Saturday and met George's friend Zebedee. We decided to teach the Restoration to them...and watch the Restoration Movie in French...their first language. (They are both from the Congo....French side.) After the movie...Zebedee wanted to explain something to us in Swahili...also a language they speak and have George translate into English. As George explained to us...we found out that Zebedee was in a high security prison in the Congo for six years. He explained that we are not the first Mormons he has met. When he was in jail there was a man who was a mormon. Everybody in the jail tried to be like him...but they didn't understand why he acted differently. As the story continued Zebedee went on to explain that he has had the same kind of miraculous experience like Joseph Smith had. We didn't get the entire story...but somehow Zebedee was able to escape from prison and make his way to Europe. He had received revelation through his prayers that he would end up in Europe. I just think about the fact that he would have never been able to hear about the gospel in the situation he was in. He was a prisoner of war...with a death sentence...and now he has no problem accepting who Joseph Smith was and what he saw. The Spirit was very strong as we talked with them, and we will be visiting them again this week. He has a wife and 4 children who are here with him. Amazing stuff I tell ya!

Otherwise, everything is good here. I'm enjoying riding bikes, the weather has been beautiful here and we are looking forward to another great week. We rode our bikes last week to one of our areas and discovered a nature reserve we are going to ride to today and take some pics. at.

I don't have much else to say this week. I hope you all have a great week, and that everything going on is going well. I know that school is just about winding down, and that summer is on it's way! Love you all! I pray that Heavenly Father will watch over all of you!

Sister Suzanne Wood