Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love Jakobsberg (Mon., January 25)

Kära Familj och Vänner,

The rest of last week went really well. I am getting adjusted to my new area...and figuring out what needs to be done here to help as many as possible come to Christ. I really like my new companion Sister Smith. I might have said already...but she is from Salt Lake, has also graduated from college...she went to the U and got a degree in Family and Consumer Science, and is a really dedicated missionary and wants to do the very best she can on the mission. I'm excited to continue to get to know her better and I know that we will accomplish a lot of gooe here in our area over the next several weeks.

As far as the area is concerned...our area is called Jakobsberg, but it covers several different areas of north western Stockholm. We take the pendeltåg....commuter trains...and tunnelbana....the metro often. There are also busses and a lot a walking we do. I feel like I have completely changed areas because of the different nature of Jakobsberg. There are lots of's more like the countryside. There are homes all over the place and it takes quite a while to get anywhere. We will need to figure out how to be most effective....being as there is so much travel time.

The work that has been done here over the last several months has been mostly with less-active members. There was a baptism last transfer...and we have 2 baptismal dates for this transfer!!! One of them is a man named Peter...whom I haven't met yet...and the other is Spencer who is a little boy who's parents have been in-active for quite some time and his dad passed away recently. We will be teaching him the lessons and getting him ready for baptism. We have some really good ideas for the transfer. One thing the ward has done before is a music evening...there was a Sister who came a few years ago who was really musical and she helped to put together a music night at the chapel. Apparently they had 100 people come...and it was a real success. As soon as I mentioned that I like to sing...the Bishop pulled us aside and asked if that would be something we would like to put together again. I of course said yes! We will also be doing some finding work of course. They have had a lot of success with finding investigators through less-active that is something we will continue to do. I actually have a list with me today...of 35 members who are on our ward list that we need to "find". There is much to be done here....not to mention that we will continue to go into Stockholm every few days and continue to teach Swedish Class....and help with the English Discussion Groups that have been started. There is a lot for the Elders to do there right now and President doesn't want anything to fall. We will be on double duty for a while and see how that goes.

I honestly have very mixed feelings about being so close to Stockholm and still working in that area. I feel rather torn between what I want to do...what needs to be done...and what the Lord needs us to do. I know that as we are prayerful...that we will be able to prioritize and take care of those things the Lord has intrusted us with. I am excited about the new area I'm in. The ward here has about 30 active it's quite a bit smaller...but they are wonderful.

We spent quite a bit of our time the last few days planning for the transfer and getting ourselves organized with all that we will be doing. I am getting better with names of members, investigators...and getting from one place to another all the time. I really do like the change of scenery, and it will be really good for me to be with a different companion. New things to learn and a whole new 9 weeks of fun.

I hope you have all had a nice week. I hope the winter has not been too harsh for any of you. :) We haven't really gotten any more snow here. It's just continue to be freezing temperatures...however....the sun is out more and more all the time which has been really nice. I've started to get a little cold...but hoping it will go away quickly. Othere than that I'm happy. I am so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity I have to be here serving the Lord and the people of Sweden. I see over and over again that we are needed here. The efforts we put forth are so little in the grand scheme of God's plan...but every thing I do to help someone is helping the work go forward. I love you all and hope you know I miss you and pray for you often!

Much love,
Sister Suzanne Wood