Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Snowing! (Monday, Dec. 14)

Hej, hellå min underbar familj och vänner!

It has been another wonderful week here in Sweden. I was so excited to walk outside this morning and see snow falling down on the ground! It has been really cold here, but we haven't seen much snow...at all. So, I was excited to see t he beautiful white flakes this morning. We have had another wonderful week this last week.

It was harder to meet with all of our investigators because of schedules and everything, but we were able to do much service, and have some wonderful opportunities to teach the gospel to those around us.

The weather has been pretty cold here. It is between -7 and 3 degrees celcius here every day. It gets dark about 3pm in the afternoon and the sun comes up about 9 in the morning. It's kind of crazy that it's so dark all the time, but Stockholm is well lit, and we have lots of things to do, so that helps us not get down about the weather...or darkness. The shortest day of the year is December 21st, and then it will start to be lighter longer....but I hear that January and February are the coldest months...the best is yet to come....as Michael Buble would sing. :) We'll see how it goes when it gets here!

I have been particularly känslig...we would say here....or emotional these last few days. I think it is partly because of the season...which I love so much, and also that I have been missing all of you a little more during this time of year. Don't get me wrong, I love it here...I love the work and I am surrounded by people I care about...but it's not quite like being at home. :)

We have had more opportunities to sing this last week and it's really awesome because Elder Hanes plays the violin, Sister Swenson plays the Viola and we all sing. Last Thursday the Elders invited us to this old lady named Ulla to sing to her for a little while. She is not married, has one son who is grown and away and she I'm sure has been lonely at times. We went to her house and sang and played her favorite Christmas Carols for her. She really enjoyed it, and I know that the Spirit was there, and that she could feel the love of the Savior as we sang. It was another wonderful opportunity for us.

There aren't many new updates with investigators from this last week...like I said...we didn't really get the opportunity to teach many of them...it's how it goes sometimes, but we have many plans set up for this week, and I continually pray that those we teach will continue to have a desire to learn and to feel the Spirit when we are with them and teach them.

The other thing to report from last week is that we went on splits last Tuesday and Wednesday. Sis. Swenson left Stockholm to go to Örebro, and Sis. Lunden came to Stockholm to be with me here. It was really fun to get to do that. We as sisters don't get the chance like elders do to change companions because there aren't so many of us and we are all quite far away from each other. I learned some really good things from Sis. Lunden, but I missed Sis. Swenson. We have been together for 5 months and work really well together. It's always good to change things up as missionaries to learn the ways that others do the work and hopefully get some new ideas.

I really hope all of you are doing well. I hope that you are all having a wonderful season!! The last thing I will say is that yesterday we had the last lesson in the Joseph Smith manual in Relief Society. We talked about the different things that the prophets have said about Joseph Smith and his mission here on the earth and all that he did for us. As we talked, I thought about the vital importance of what he did for us. I know my life would be completely different without the restored gospel on the earth. We were encouraged to think about what the restoration means to us, and to also think about Joseph for a minute, and what he went through for our sake. I completely agree with the statement that Joseph has done more for the children of man save Jesus Christ only. I know that wasn't exactly right, but the point is....that both the Savior Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith gave their lives us....in different ways, but none the less....both were willing to fulfill their missions for us.

How grateful I am for my testimony of our Redeemer Jesus Christ and for my testimony of the Prophet Joseph. I am so humbled to be teaching the doctrine that was first taught by Christ and then was restored to the earth through Joseph. It is an honor to be here in Sweden teaching these wonderful people.

Know that I love you all. Know that I think of you and hope that all is well wherever you are. I hope school...work....kids....and everything else is going well for all of you!

Sister Suzanne Wood