Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chrismiving...or Thanksmas

Last week my family was able to spend time all together for Thanksgiving. We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas both because during Christmas all of us will be scattered. Mom and Dad will be in Costa Rica, Bryan, Melissa and the kids will be in St. George. Steph and Richard will be in Houston...and the others of us will be around Cedar. Taylor and I weren't supposed to be here for Christmas. Tay broke his finger before leaving for Basic Training for the Marines, and my back is still not 100% so I haven't left on my mission.

The food and company were awesome, and the presents weren't so bad either. ;)

Here's a few pictures of the week.Ky Man eating the ribbon...SO cute!
Steph, Rich and Dawson...with the car eating tractor. :)
Mom, Dad, Addy and Daws...what a cute bunch!