Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring.....is hopefully here. :) (Mon., March 8)

Dear family!

It's finally felling a little warmer today! We'll see if it stays warm or if we're back in the negatives tomorrow. I actually took my scarf off on the way to the library....yahoo!!! I'm so grateful for the sun. :)

We had a good week last week. We were able to find two inactive members who were positive about meeting with us....so awesome. We were also able to meet with some other positive new investigators. One really sad thing happened yesterday and that is that we tried to go by Peter who was going to get baptized on Saturday...because we have not had any contact with him for a couple of weeks and he didn't answer the door. We have tried to call and text...and go by and we are not sure what happened but we had to drop him yesterday. Really sad. It's hard to see that sometimes people still choose to reject the gospel even if they have received a witness of it's truthfulness. We all need to continue to show our dedication to the gospel at all times. It's so important.

We also have a new investigator who has actually been baptized before into the church. We are taking it really slow with her to make sure that she does not get baptized again just to be baptized. Her name is Yvonne. She was a member about 20 years ago but didn't stay a member for very long. She seems sincere in her desire to come back, but we want to be sure that she will be active. Our activity in the church is so important. As we all do our part and serve each other...that's how the church continues to function. Our church is not a sit back and relax kind of church. We are a working church. Everybody does their part to help things move forward and function well. I'm continually amazed at the inspiration and structure of our church...that it is perfect...and that it is set up in God's way and that is why it works. Such a blessing.

Otherwise, everything has been good here in Jakobsberg. I'm going to send some pics. next week of the place where I live now, and Tina's baptism. She is getting baptized this Saturday. I'm SO excited!!!! It will be wonderful to see her take this step...and then to find out that she is going to the temple will be the frosting on the cake.

We have Sharpening tomorrow and then our transfer ends in 2 weeks. We are not sure at all what will happen at transfers, but we have 6 sisters leaving to go home and 4 new sisters coming in. The group of sisters I'm in becomes the oldest on the mission. Crazy stuff!! There's not a whole lot more to say this week. I'm so grateful to be out here doing the Lord's work. It's worth the ups and downs. All the struggle is so worth it when the joy of somebody accepting the gospel comes. It's an incredible blessing to know that this church is true. That I know that it comes from God. I'm grateful for my testimony. I hope you all have a great week! Take care!

Sister Suzanne Wood