Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a week, a work, and a wonder!! (Mon., March 1)

Dear Family,

It has been a wonderful week. I have to say the highlight for me was yesterday. It was incredibly stressful, but everything we did went really well. We had our Music Fireside last night, and because we wanted our investigators to be there and wanted them to get to know ward members, we let people know that we would be making dinner after church for those who would like to stay...and expecially for those who live too far away to go home and come back to the music concert. Well, we made spaghetti to the best of our ability. I am still not very good and making meals for large groups. It's hard to know exactly how much to make, but we made enough for everybody to have a nice plate of s-ghetti, some veggies and some breadsticks I made. We got help from a couple of members in the process and everything ended up going well.

Then, we waited for the Music Fireside to begin....waiting for the Elders from different areas to come and participate....and well practice before the evening began....and they all got there, and the program went really well. I actually ended up singing "Climb Every Mountain" from Sound of Music...and When You Believe with a girl named Sandra Miranda in our ward. I also accompanied most of the numbers, there were a couple of others who played and sang and we asked a few members to bear their testimony of music also. We had about 50-60 people who came to the evening and it was awesome. We had between 10-15 non-members there and we are going to do another fireside in 3 weeks and stress even more what a great opportunity it is for the members to invite their friends to come. It gives them the opportunity to be in the church and feel the Spirit without a formal "teaching situation." I am excited that last night went so well. I think it will bring us much success if the members will invite their friends and family and give us the opportunity to invite people to learn about the gospel.

Other than that, we had a good week. We were not able to meet with Peter, who is supposted to get baptized on Saturday and he said he would come to church yesterday but didn't end up coming. We are really bummed about that, and feel that he is not quite ready to be baptized. He has gotten a job...which is really good, but he is much busier and it has been a challenge to meet. It's disappointing, but it's really important that he is ready to keep the commitments he makes and to keep them in order for him to be baptized and make a covenant with Heavenly Father.

We also taught Alex and Alexis, a father and son from Cuba about the Word of Wisdom. The teach went pretty well, but they are not yet ready to commit to living that commandment. We are prayerfully trying to know how to help them experiment on the word and see what the difference can be in their lives with those substances that are not good.

Otherwise, we went to the Coca Cola Factory in Jordbro, Sweden last Monday for P-Day. It was pretty awesome. It is the only Factory in the whole country so all the Coke Products in Sweden are made there. It's incredible how much soda they make in such a quick amount of time. We also got to do the Experience Center...which is team game thing. Our team won, so that was awesome.

We've had a good week. My body is tired, and pretty sore, but the Lord continues to take care of me and help me do the work. I'm ready for Spring...or Summer. It continues to get lighter outside, but the snow keeps coming. I hope all of you are doing well. I hope you have a great week!

Sister Suzanne Wood