Friday, October 3, 2008

Logan Trip Part 1

So Steve and I are in the middle of our trip up north. Here's a little run down of what we have done thus far:

We got to Provo and went to lunch with Zupa's. It was excellent. Then, we went with Jor to a park and played frisbee on this rockin' hill. Here is a picture Steve took of the two of us.

Then we went back to my old apartment and just hung out. Last night, Steve took me out to Tucano's...which was fantastic. The pineapple is AWESOME!! Don't worry...the meat, and salad...and everything about that place is good. :) We then went and hung out with one of Steve's old roommates Rob and his wife for a bit and then I went and crashed at Jor's house for the night. (Thanks for having me Jor!)

This morning, Steve made breakfast and we took off to come up to Logan. Instead of driving up I-15 the entire way, we decided to drive up Provo Canyon, go through Heber and come back to the freeway at Ogden. It was well worth the extra time it took us. We stopped at one of Steve's favorite places up the canyon and took some fantastic pictures.

We went to lunch with Katie and hung out for a bit before she went to work. Now we are just enjoying the BYU vs. USU game at Katie's apartment and having such a good time. This weekend has been so much fun so far...and there's still lots to come. :)

I'm totally excited to watch the frisbee tournament tomorrow. It'll be awesome!


The Woods said...

Thanx for giving Logan a big shout out for me! Glad you are having fun!

Richard and Stephanie said...

Cute pics Suz! It looks like a beautiful place. Glad all is going well. Love you!

Hayley and Dave said...

Very cool pictures Suz! The trip looked like a great time!