Monday, September 29, 2008

Fantastic Couple of Weeks!


It's been a few weeks since I posted on my blog. I guess I have kind of been dreading this post-since it means a lot for my future. I have had to postpone my mission due to three bulging discs in my lower back. When I went to Dallas a few weeks ago, I was fine. On the way home, in the Salt Lake airport I started to have back spasms. By the time I got home, I was in so much pain I had my mom take me to insta-care.

After x-rays, an MRI, and lots of tears, I found out I have these bulging discs in my back. I have indefinitely postponed my mission based on what happens with my well as other things.
I go tomorrow-well pretty much today to St. George to receive four steroid shots in my back to see if that will help with the remainder of the pain. I am a little nervous, but know that the Lord knows what's best for me, and will help me through it.

As for me-I am again in a limbo in my life. There are many good things that have come from this experience. Here's a list of my latest blessings:

  1. I am not headed to the MTC with a back problem that could have sent me home from my mission early.
  2. I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend the last week and a half with my sister Stephanie and niece Eliza from Texas.
  3. I got to give 2...count them 2 farewell talks, both of which were a success, and both of which I learned a TON from.
  4. My family and good friends have been entirely supportive of everything I have done, and will continue to support me no matter what. That is a HUGE blessing in my life!
  5. I got to sing with all of my siblings and my dad with my mom at the piano-what a cool thing to be able to do.
  6. I got to go up the canyon with Steve and Steph and Ellie-a beautiful and fun afternoon! Followed by Starbucks of course.
  7. I got to sing with Steve yesterday in church. What a talented and wonderful guy. Thanks for singing with me. :)
  8. My cousin Charisse got sealed in the St. George temple-and I was able to be there.
I could go on and on....even though I have had trials in my life lately, I know my Heavenly Father loves me. He has provided me with countless blessings through all these trials. My testimony has grown so much, and the knowledge that I have gained that I am being led in the direction I am supposed to go, and that the Lord honestly and truly has a hand in my life has been incredibly evident to me.

Here are just a few pictures of the last couple weeks.

Steve, Addy and Dawson-what good lookin' people!
Lucky Aunt Nanny!

The Kid Pond at Wood's Ranch

Steve and Ellie-great smiles!

Steph and Ellie on the Canyon Trail

Steve, Ellie and I-we had such a fun time!


Jordan said...

you went to starbucks without me??

ashley said...

I love how you always manage to put a positive spin on everything...
You are my hero!

P.S. You went to Zupas with Jor and not me?? Grrr, lady. Grrr.

Bigelow said...

so...I am starting to see everything I have missed!! I do miss you! I wish I could still hang out with you and talk through my troubles!! You are, in fact, really great at putting a positive spin on things :)