Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome Back Suzanne! Part 2

I know I said I would keep you updated about my trip...sorry, everywhere I was in Germany I had to pay to use the internet, and couldn't spend what little time I had on posting on my blog, so here I am, back in Scotland, and I thought I would take just a minute to post a little something about my trip.

Germany was absolutely fantastic!! Every place we went was so full of history, and beautiful architecture, and we just had a really fun time! I will be sure to post pictures when I get home of some of the amazing things I saw! One of the crazy things about being in another country is the language barrier. I tried really hard to say what I could in German...but usually, the person I was talking to would be able to tell immediately that I was American, and would use English with me...I did try though.

Olivia and I have had a really good time, and I'm glad I got to spend this time with her before I leave on my mission!