Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wedding Fun

On June 20th...I know it was a while ago now, I went to Salt Lake to my good friend Dave Campbell's wedding reception. It was fun to hang out with Doug and Chamrie, to see Dave and Robyn, and to meet up with a couple of good friends from SUU. Here's a couple pics. of the event.

Theora, J Pizzle, Doug, Melissa and me, all SUU Music Majors
Same crew with Chamrie, she's such an awesome friend!
This good lookin' guy is Brian, Dave's little brother...whom I had the pleasure to taking a picture with...because he caught the garter and and caught the bouquet. Super fun!


Brook said...

you look so pretty. you look like you are doing well. I'm glad I found your blog. so I hear you are putting in you papers for a mission. That is so exciting. Are you back in Cedar or are you still living up north. anyway take care you look beautiful.