Monday, April 28, 2008

What a CRAZY Day!!!!

So on Saturday, I had the joyous, and exciting opportunity to move apartments. First of all, between my roommate and I, we have more than enough stuff. So we had packed our cars with as much as we could, and the rest was in the living room, waiting for the chance to get to our new apartment. We were both hoping that the girls moving into the apartment would not be moving in until later on Saturday....or even on Monday, but they showed up at quarter to nine Saturday morning. You guessed it, all of our things were sitting in the living room, and we had no where to go until noon. So, we ended up moving all of our things from the living room to the front lawn. I sat outside on the front lawn of my old apartment with all of the things that weren't in my car for a little while. Then, luckily, Kristin Parson came and saved the day. She packed up her car, then I called my cousin Charisse, and she showed up with her car, and magically...most everything was off the lawn.

To add to all the moving confusion, our friend Julia had asked Jor to drop off some wedding flowers to a wedding she was doing, and we were ready to drop off the flowers and the family called asking Jor where she was. She then went to the location where the family had said she would meed them, and they again called asking her where she was. She asked them which temple they were at....and of was Salt Lake, not Provo. We had to call Julia and let her know the problem, and that was just another added stress to the day.

The best is that it doesn't end there....from getting the drive-thru guys at Wendy's in trouble for my not thinking there were straws in our bag, to WAY too many hours since a shower....the whole day stunk! But, luckily, we got all moved in to our new apartment, and we're so glad to be there. At church yesterday, I was excited to meet all the new people in my ward, and our roommates seem like really nice girls. Although the day was one of the most interesting in a while, it turned out to be ok. I was definitely glad to go to sleep that night!!!


Katie Lewis said...

Yikes Bikes Girl! Sounds like your life might even be a little crazier than mine, which I didn't think was possible. It sounds like things are looking up for you though and that makes me happy! I miss you! Can't wait to see you!

takemetohawaii said...

Sounds crazy! I'm glad it turned out ok in the end. :)

The Woods said...

Oh the joys of moving. I am sorry about the crapy day. At least it is over. Glad all is well now. love ya