Friday, April 18, 2008

Back to SUU

Ok, so everything I have planned on for the last....I don't know....six months, has fallen through. The high school choir job I was going to have, the different teaching job, a place to live...although that has worked itself out. Over my break here at home I have formulated a brand new plan. We'll see if this one goes through. I would really like it to though, so here it is. I am going to go back to SUU and do the brand new Bachelors of Music degree there, in order to do the performing, the diction classes, the foreign language classes, and the other resume building experiences I have been missing in order to get into grad school.

I know it sounds crazy. I understand the thought of me getting a third Bachelor's Degree instead of a Master's seems crazy, but I see it as an awesome opportunity for me to make myself marketable to get into a good school for my further degrees. Plus, let's all remember that I'm only 22, and rushed through my other two degrees, thinking that school teaching was the thing for me.

Well it's not. I enjoy the children I teach, I know I have the knack for teaching, but my heart is in my singing. I have missed performing so much since I have moved up to Provo, and been teaching full time. I want to perform....wherever I can, as long as I can. I think the talents I have been blessed with in music should not go undeveloped, and that is how I feel right now...that I have not given my voice the chance it deserves to be something amazing.

Enough rambling for one night, but that's the latest in my somewhat crazy, and unpredictable life. I'll be sure to post when things either go through, OR I have a different plan. :)


takemetohawaii said...

Good luck Suzanne! I'm glad you are excited to be back in CC and have a good plan laid out. Hope it all goes well!