Monday, February 8, 2010

Hur många välsignelser kan vi få??

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been a great week here in Jakobsberg. We have been so blessed this last week. The Lord really is mindful of us and He knows where we are, what we're doing and He blesses us with what we need to continue in His path...and His work.

I felt really blessed yesterday to sit in a Sacrament Meeting where many of those stood up spoke of their conversion through the missionaries knocking on their door. They are strong, active members here in Sweden...and they were reached by two missionaries knocking on doors. It was amazing and really uplifting to hear their testimonies.

Last week, we were able to teach Peter who is getting baptized on March 6th. When we went to teach him, there was a friend of his roommate...just hanging out. We invited him to listen in on the teach and by the end he told us he wanted to come to church and even try fasting on Sunday. It was amazing. Peter was in church yesterday and shows his humility and willingness to follow the commandments all the time.

We are still working on putting together out Music Concert as well. It's going to be on the 28th of this month and we are excited about all the people we are involving...I'm also excited to get to sing a little bit myself....but that's just a bonus. :) We will have lots of different music and I'm just really looking forward to that. We have put quite a bit of time into planning for that and working with different people to help them practice and know what to sing.

We have also gotten the opportunity to work with Spencer...who's getting baptized in just 2 weeks. It's wonderful to see his excitement and enthusiasm about the gospel. Every time we teach him, he listens and is excited to learn. I know that the decision he is making will be a wonderful blessing throughout his life...and will truly bless his family now.

We have also taught a couple of new investigators as well. Last week, in the library, there was a man named Francis who came up and talked to me. He had seen my name tag and wanted to know what we were all about. We talked for a minute there and then said we could meet him later on in the week. A couple of days later...he called us and told us about a dream he had where we saved him from a fire in a building. I will not say that I was not a little confused about what the meaning was...but it had sincerely meant a lot to him that we were saving him. We met with him on Friday and had a wonderful conversation about the Restoration on the gospel. He texted us later to thank us for the new view he has received of God and that there is the potential for Francis to find out for himself the true gospel of Christ. It was awesome!

Sis. Smith and I are getting along well. We are alike in many we have a lot of fun together. We also have had our challenges as new companions. We are learning all the time how to be understanding with eachother and help eachother be the best missionaries we can be. I really am learning to love this area. The ward members are wonderful and there is much work to do here. I hope you all have a great week. Take care of yourselves! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day..or Alla Hjärtans Dag....and remember that the Lord loves us all and wants us to be happy.

Sister Suzanne Wood