Sunday, September 13, 2009

Already September... (Tuesday, Sept. 1)

Dear Family,

This week has been really awesome. There of course have been many things that have never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful experiences I have each week. I'm so sorry I didn't write to tell you last week that I have P-Day today instead of yesterday. We had Sharpening and Interviews with President Anderson, so our P-Day was switched to today. I am also having trouble logging in to my sistersuzannewood email address today, so that is why I am emailing you from my old email address. The stresses of working in two areas has been a bit obvious this week, but as we have done our best to take care of both areas well, we have been doubly blessed.

There is one really exciting thing that happened last week that I better tell all of you first. We have our first baptismal date in the Stockholm area that Sister Swenson and I found. His name is James. He is actually Swedish!!! He is very positive and when we invited him to be baptized, he had a huge smile and said, "Yeah, I really want to do that." It's actually Ja Swedish. It was so awesome!!! The Spirit was so strong as we explained the covenant we make with our Heavenly Father when we are baptized and we are really excited about the future for him. We hope that all continues to go well as we teach him the other laws and principles of the gospel. So, our week last week started out with a bang.

We have been continuing to find new investigators who actually live in our area as well. One of the frustrating things about Innerstan...or the Inner City, where we work is that there are SO many people who come in from all over the surrounding areas of Stockholm to work, or shop, or whatever...the hard thing is that we contact many interested people, who we then give to the missionaries who are working in that area. It has been really cool to see the success that has come from people we have initially contacted. Actually, a man named Walter was baptized on Sunday, a young African guy who was ready to accept the gospel. We contacted him on the street in Stockholm. We are always trying to find people, and hopefully we can figure out where to go to contact those who we will have the opportunity to teach. I have to say, it is a privilege to find prepared matter who teaches's about them finding the truth and getting the opportunity to learn about the gospel.

We have found an area where many University students live that is in our area. One thing that has been really interesting to me is what kinds of things have happened when we have planned to go to this area called Kungshamra. Each time we have planned to tract this awesome area, we have all three either felt physically sick, or really tempted not to go for some other reason. It has really been bothering me that it was so hard to go out there. Last night, the three of us were talking as we headed home from Kungshamra. It became obvious to all of us that Satan really didn't want us to go there. We have had great success all the times we have been in that area, and he knows that. It really just helped me to see how important it is, no matter what kind of challenges come up to stick to our plans and follow the Spirit. We have found 6 or seven positive contacts in just the couple of times we have been there. It's amazing. I also see that in my own life. Anytime we are going to do something good, Satan tries to distract us, he trys to deceive us into thinking we can't do it, we shouldn't do it, or that we're just not good enough to do it. What a bunch of bologne!!! I have a new, greater resolve to fight even the slightest feelings of negativity. I know the Lord will help us to do what will help us to be the most happy in our lives. Never forget that. When we're trying to do something good....baptism, marriage, mission, name it, there will be opposition. Fight it! Do the thing the Lord wants us to do, and we will step by step qualify ourselves to return to Him someday. that I'm off my soap-box (hehe)...everything else is going really well. We have two of the three baptismal candidates scheduled to get baptized on Sunday in Södertälje. They are prepared and have accepted all of the laws of the gospel. We hope we have taught them the importance of what they are doing. We continue to stay really busy as our threesome in two area, and all is well in that way. We love to be with eachother, and we are finding joy in the work. We have our hard times....don't get me wrong, but we are doing our best to help people come to Christ.

I am still healthy and happy. I feel like I still have many things to learn to be the missionary the Savior needs me to be. I am making improvements all the time...and as soon as I feel like I've improved one thing, I see another thing I want to improve in. I'm seeing the Refiner's Fire in a very real way out here on my mission. Stockholm is starting to really cool down, and the sun is starting to disappear earlier. I love the area in which I serve, and I love the people I am getting the opportunity to meet. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family and wonderful friends who are supporting me on my mission. I know you are all praying for me, and I appreciate that so much. I pray for you, and I think of you all often and hope the Lord will bless you with those things that are needed. Have a great week!

Sister Suzanne Wood

P.S. Swedish word of the week pick this week.....let's see.....I think it will be HÄRLIG......sounds a little like hairy in english, but it means......WONDERFUL. Det är härligt att ha så finnt familj och vänner hem. Jag tycker att jag är så välsignad!