Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween this year was so much fun!

I didn't dress up, but had a great day...and night. First, I went to work at Enoch Elementary, and my kids were all well behaved. (Probably mostly because I bribed them with a treat at the end of their lesson...if they would behave.) Then I went to lunch with my family at Carl's Jr.

That evening, Steve and I took Addy and Dawson around the block to go trick-or-treating, and they were super funny. They wanted to run everywhere and at one point Daws goes, "Nanny...I'm getting tired. I can't run anymore. Will you carry me?" How could I refuse. Then, after we took a few steps, he seemed to be ready to go again. It was awesome.

We then went to the state playoff game at Cedar High against Ogden. Cedar won the game and will keep going in the tournament. It was fun to be with all my fam. and Steve at the game.

We came back to my house, played a couple rounds of hand and foot with mom and dad, and then Steve indulged my by playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) with me on the Wii. He did a good job, and it was a lot of fun. Then we played tennis, and we realize we're pretty good on the same tennis team. :)

All in all, Halloween was fantastic. I had a great time!

Steve and me at the game.

Grandma and Grandpa Morris-they are the best!

Mom and Dad-I love these guys too!

Steve and his scary out...he bites!

My nephews and niece-these are the cutest kids!


ashley said...

Looks like fun! I am super jealous... I wanna go to a CHS game! How fun is that?!?

The Woods said...

Thanx for taking them trick or treating they had a blast! Your the best Aunt!

The Swindlehurst's said...

Just wanted to tell you that I love your new hair cut, you look great! I hope all is going well!