Sunday, June 8, 2008


My roommates threw me a surprise going away/birthday party about a week ago. My roommates had been telling me for days that we were just going to dinner before I left as roommates. The couple of days before I left, I was worn out from school, and packing, and everything else going on, and hadn't gotten ready for the day. So as it got closer to dinner time, I wondered why my roomies kept pushing me to get ready for the night. Well, I luckily decided to get ready, because as we left for dinner, Jor wanted to see what was going on in the lounge in my apt. complex. She opened the door, told me to come (because she all of a sudden had a complex about going somewhere by herself...which is NOT Jor) and there were all my friends from my ward yelling surprise at me. I had NO idea that they were throwing me a party. Here are some pics. of the night. They had snuck out my Wii from the apartment, and we did Dance Dance Revolution, and American Idol Karaoke. It was awesome! The other big surprise was that a guy named Kevin in my ward gave me a brand new set of Scriptures that everybody at the party signed. It was the best gift!!

Kevin and I with my new scriptures!
Giving Kevin a hug!

Me singing my heart out.

Kendall and I.

Trevor and I...what a flirt!

Tony is the awesome!

Jacob and I.

These two are so awesome!!

Jor, Nat and Me.
Tori, Natalia, and me.

Tony and I waiting for DDR.
Steven, Kasey, and me...what awesome friends I have!

Here's just a glimpse into the Karaoke from the evening..oh what fun!


takemetohawaii said...

What a fun party! That is so great that they surprised you like that. You are loved! :) Cute pics.

Brook said...

that is so much fun. You are a special girl. and that scripture gift is awesome. so much fun. so where did you move? ps I think you are so cute. your smile just makes me happy.