Sunday, May 18, 2008

56th Ward Iron Chef Competition

A couple of weeks ago...I know, I'm slow with the posts, my ward had an FHE Iron Chef Competition. It was so much fun. We split into groups and each had to make a dish to present to the judges at the end of 45 minutes. The secret ingredient every group had to use was......pineapple. Here are some different concoctions made by the different groups.

Here's a side view of our fabulous pineapple fruit soup. It was delicious!

The view from the top.Jor's groups curry with pineapple.Tori's crepes. They looked awesome...on my plates. :-)
Here's Jor, Tor and Suz....just being crazy.
And my RS pres. Jessica Leatham...crazy thing is that I knew her in Tahoe. She's from Carson City, and we went to Girls Camp together. She is awesome!